Frozen Computer Prank

This is an older technological prank that anyone can do. You will need to get access on someones computer (a coworker, family member, ect.) and they will need to have PowerPoint. When you get on their computer press the "Prnt Scrn" button on their keyboard then open PowerPoint and rightclick and click on "paste" then adjust the picture to fit the powerpoint screen. Next, adjust the settings so that it is in "kiosik" mode. Then, just start the slideshow and whenever they click anywhere on the screen the computer will act like it is "frozen".
TIP: You can also add a couple text boxes containing messages and use custom animation to make it so that whenever they click somewhere the messages pop up
DOWNSIDE: If you aim your mouse at the "start" button the slide advancement settings will show and most people will then know what has happened

Automatic Room Door Opener

This is a creative idea that would add a nice touch to your DIY home. The basic princible is to have a garage door opener in your attic to open the regular door of your choice. You would probably need to cut the door across in about 1 1/2 foot sections horizontaly and add some door hinges so that it would resemble a garage door. The door would also need a piece of wood connected to the top so that it'll go into the attic. The remote openers could then be placed the the walls on each side of the door in order to open and close the door. Obviously, there is alot more that would be involved in doing this but, its just an idea. Please comment on this if you plan to or have done this.

Video of the door in action.

Alka- Seltzer and Film Canister Rocket

This is a fun project that kids (or adults) of any age can do. You will need:
  • 1 Alka- Seltzer tablet
  • A film canister with the lid
  • A tiny bit of water

First you will need to fill the film canister with about 1/3 water. After that just put the tablet in, put the lid on the film canister, flip the canister upside down, and watch the canister shoot up about 20- 30 feet in the air!