Make Your Own USB Powered Fridge

If you have ever wanted to keep you drinks cool while you surf the web than this is the perfect project for you. The best part, the whole thing will only put you back a mere $2.50.

$5.00 Burglar Alarm

While this make be very simple it is also very cool and doesn't take much time or money to build. So why not?


Interactive Conversation Detecting Table

This is a pretty neat hack although it serves no real purpose. The creators say that they want it to be a more "cultural piece" and not a "problem solving gadget." To see some pictures visit their flikr page.

Sony's New Organic LED TV

If you think that your new plasma or lcd tv is nice you may need to soon rethink that. Sony has made a 3mm thin (yes, that is 3mm not a typo) telivision using the same technology that cellphone screens use. In addition, when it's off it uses no energy at all and when it's on it uses less than a lightbulb. The TV is also HD however, there is one drawback, it is quite expensive. For the only size available, 11 inches, it will put you back $2,500. But, if you wait a couple of years the price may drop even more and experts are expecting it to replace LCD and plasma TVs in about a decade. For more information please watch the video above.