Worlds Coolest Keyboard

While many people are building wooden keyboards and others are making their keyboards completely black there is one that completely blows away the competition. It is called the Optimus Keyboard and each individual key is an led display that can be changed depending on what you are

For example, if you are using Photoshop than the keys can serve as shortcut buttons or if you are playing a game than they can be the buttons to control your character like in the picture below.

However, if you are now convinced that you need on than you may want to reconsider because, it will cost you over $1500. Yes, that's right $1500. But, maybe if you wait a while the price will drop (I sure hope so because I would love one of those on my desk) and maybe even one day they'll have them installed on laptop keyboards.


How to Save a Hard Copy of your Wii Games

For those of you who are prone to scratching or loosing your games for the Wii there is an easy way to back them up. First off, you will need:
-Homebrew Channel
-SD Card
-Computer With DVD-R Burner
-DVD-Rs (The higher quality the better)
-Wii (Duh)
Once you are sure that you have it all or at least have access to it than read this Instructalble on how to make it. It will only take a little while and involves minimal skill.


Shut Down Your Computer With a Text Message

If you have ever left your house without turning off your computer and you need to turn it off for whatever reason but, don't want to go home than you can set your computer up with this program. It takes only a few minutes to do and even though it really isn't practicle, although it could be (I guess), it is pretty cool. For a little more fun you can set this up on a friends or family members computer and have a little fun :-).


PS3 Hack- Upgrade Your Hard Drive

Upgrading your hard drive on your psp is much easier than you may think. Instead of paying hundreds more for a ps3 with a 160 GB hard drive just buy one with a 20 GB one and buy a 160 GB hard drive for about $130.00 which will end up costing you the same amount of money. Plus you'll have an extra 20 GB drive that you can use to make your own hard drive clock.