Baseball Bat Accelerometer

This is a cool hack on a baseball bat that allows someone to trach the speed of the bat. Also check out the automatic PB&J munchies machine.


Long Range Laser Listening Device

This is another eavesdropping device that can be used from hundreds of feet away. It works by using a laser pointed at a window and then having a Cadmium Sulfide Photocell capture the laser reflection. The photocell is then connected to a headphone cord which is connected to your computer. Then, all that you need to do is open a sound recording system that you use on your computer and click record. And there you have it, for more information click here.

Turbocharged PC Cooling

If you have ever seen an ad for a "turbo charged", super speed pc than you'll think of a much more litteral meaning whenever you see one from now on. Mark Purney constantly saw many of those ads and finaly decided to do something about it, make his own REAL turbocharged pc. While the thing isn't actualy turbo charged it does use a real turbocharger from an old 90's Mitsubishi Eclipse and uses it to cool down the system. The turbocharger doesn't run at anywhere near max rpm because it is meant to be water-cooled and Mark doesn't want to make the thing any more inpracticle than it already is. He says that he uses it every once and a while for a little fun throughout the day and to show it off to friends but, he uses a regular pc for any daily usage.

Golf Club POV

"So we were thinking about how we could have a POV while making it useful. Well since people like to hit up the driving range or the golf course at times, we figured we could just make a POV out of a golf club. At the same time, we can make it kinda useful too.

As you can see, the letters will go backwards on the back swing and forwards on the forward swing. Ben Hogan’s “Five Lessons” has a good picture of correct swing arc for a golf swing."

If you already have a golf club than the whole projects will cost you about $74.00.

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Send Your Name Into Space- For FREE

NASA is offering people the oppertunity to submit your name and a brief message to them and they will save it on a CD and ship it into space. The CD will be sent with the Kepler spacecraft which will try to discover more planets similar to Earth. If you would like to submit your name visit their website.