Connect Your IPod To Your Car's Stereo

For those of you with newer cars you may not need this hack since, most newer cars come with an IPod input jack. However, most of us don't have the newest cars and would like to find a way to connect our IPod's to our car's stereo without buying different things to help us do it like an FM transmitter or a diskette that connects to your IPod. Well, now you can. You need to take off your dash panel. Do this by unscrewing the screws on the side of most panels. If your panel doesn't have screws you'll have to get a flathead screwdriver and gently pry it out. Once you have it off, find the two RCA jacks (they are red and white and are commonly used for an additional input device such as a cd player.) Once you have found them you'll need to make a quick trip to your local Radio Shack and ask then for a Y cable (you shouldn't have any trouble getting one). When you have the cable take the side with two female adapters and plug them into the two RCA jacks. Then, just put the dash panel back on (remember to leave the other end of the Y cable sticking out.) Once you have it installed just plug in the Y cable into the headphones jack of your IPod and play a song.


Blender Defender

If you have a cat that just won't get off the counter than the Blender Defender may be the project for you. Mark was fed up with that so he built a system so that when his cat jumped on the counter it triggered the blender and a strobe light to go off. Like that isn't cool enough, he also has a video camera facing the blender to see how to cat reacts if he's away and the video is sent to his phone directly after it is recorded. For those of you interested, plan on spending about $164.00 if you already have a blender (the main part of the cost is the camera so if you already have one you are in good shape!)and will take a few hours to set up. Please check out his website, even if you don't plan on building it, for some videos of it in action.


One Handed XBox Controller

Ben Heck, a dedicated modder who strives to help others by hacking gadgets(he was also the one who made the game console laptops featured on our site in the past and the one who made the other famous one handed controller that you can buy here), has build a one handed XBox controller for those who can't use two hands for whatever reason. He got the idea from a serviceman in Iraq who had been injured and had lost one of his hands. I think that the whole thing turned out great. For the link to the page on how he built it click here.