Ping-Pong Ball Smoke Bomb

100 Ping Pong Ball Smoke Bomb - Watch the best video clips here

How to Make Ballistics Gel

Many people who watch mythbusters are familiar with ballistics gel. For those of you who aren't it is used by the FBI to test bullet wounds to the body since the gel is basically a human analog. Below is a like on Step-by-Step instructions on how to make some homemade ballistics gel for a fraction of the cost.

9 Volt Battery Cellphone Charger

You can also put it all in a project box to make it look neater and more practical

How to Build a Mold of a Halloween Mask

A good way to make a mold of a latex halloween mask is to fill it up with Plaster of Paris. Plaster of Paris is used to seal holes in walls but, is also used in hollywood movies to make molds of things. It is very cheap (25 lb for only about $12.00) and can be bought at Home Depot, Lowe's, ect. All of the instructions needed for the mixing of the plaster are available on the box. All that you really need to do is cover the eye, nose, and mouth holes and pour half of it in. After that, let it dry for 24 hours and add the other half and wait another 24 hours. Then, just peel off the mask and you have your mold! You can then paint it or add artificial hair or anything else that you would like.

How To Build a Cheap and Effective Mixer for the end of a Drill

You could spend anywhere from $10.00- $20.00 on a mixer for the end of you electrical drill or, you could just do what I do. All that you need are three grilling skewers. Then, just put them at the end of the drill, point them in different directions, and then mix. This can be really useful for the, "How to Make a Mold from a Halloween Mask" project.

The 10 Things That EVERY DIYer Must Have

  1. LED's by the dozen
  2. Wires and electrical tape
  3. Many types of batteries and lots of them
  4. A couple of 2x4's and pieces of plywood
  5. Power Tools; Saws (band saw, power saw, power hand saw, and table milter saws), power drills, and belt sanders
  6. Various motors
  7. Soldering iron and solder
  8. Electrical switches and buttons
  9. A good work desk
  10. Project boxes

How To Make A Screwdriver for Your Needs

I have many torx screwdrivers that I will never need and have decided to put them to good use. There is a screw in the Wiimote that requires a triangular screwdriver so I'm just simply going to grind down the edges to make it triangular. I have also needed certain size flat head screwdrivers in the past and have grinded down the torx screwdrivers to make them.


LED Throwie

This is an idea from Graffiti Research Lab and is pretty clever. All it involves is a battery, an LED, some tape, and a small powerful magnet. All that you need to do is connect the battery to the LED with the tape then connect the magnet to the battery with some more tape. Then you just, well, uh, throw. The wide range of places that these could be put is endless; on cars, refrigerators, bridges, street lights, buildings, ect.

Cheap Motors, LED's, Wires, and Gears

Here are a couple of things that I got out of my old printer.