James Bond Style Exploding Pen

I just bought a shocking pen, like those novelty ones that you use to shock people, and had a great thought go through my head. I saw that when you click the button that shocks you it makes a constant spark inside of the pen. That spark would probably be hot enough to light the fuse of a firecracker. So I would cover the metalic part at the end with a peice of rubber so that you won't get shocked when you press it, then place the fuse near the area of the spark, then empty the powder from the firecracker and pour it into the pen and put enough in so that the fuse could reach it. Obviously, i wouldn't give this pen to anyone but, it would be cool to be able to say that I made it. I would test it by placing it on the ground and by pressing the button with a long stick. I will post a link to the final result once I finish it!