Build a 1/4 Mile Range FM Transmitter

If you've ever wanted to eavesdrop on a conversation from up to 1/4 mile away than you can build this simple and cheap FM transmitter. It is suprisingly high quility and defidently worth the little time and cost.

R1, R4, R6 10K resistor
R2 1Meg resistor
R3 100K resistor
R5 100 ohm resistor
R7 1K resistor
C1, C2 0.1uf capacitor
C3 0.01uf capacitor
C4 5 - 30pf variable capacitor
C5 4.7pf capacitor
Q1, Q2 2N3904 transistor
L1 9 turns of #22 gauge
Microphone Electret Mic
Circuit Board
Battery Clip

It is all easy to solder together and requires no programming!
See the electrical schematic below for more details and visit the original website.